Cartoon factory

The Society has been doing a number of jobs since its founding, especially by exporting Sesame Seed  and coffee products to the country, but also playing its part in supporting the economic sector by importing a variety of metal cars and Highland hidden raw materials into the country. Work is an organization that is working in quality and efficiency– the institute studies the growing demand for production packaging cartridges to Gizi, where time and quality are required. It is available to clients by producing paper and quality as much as needed. The ability of the manufacturer to produce

The highest production capacity of the Corrugation machine is 60-80 meters / minutes and 50-60m/minute to produce three-layered and five-layer paper cardboard. The organization primarily uses white and brown paper varieties and a variety of weight levels (Gsm) to produce a test liner, craft and semi-chemical sheet sheets

Corgesion Machine’s maximum production capacity: three-layered and five-layered, It is 60-80m/min and 50-60 m/min to produce paper cardboard. White and brown are used primarily for the production of cardboard boxes. Test Linear, Craft, and Test Linear with paper sizes and different weights (Gsm), A semi-automatic chemical is a flaming paper. The raw material used indirectly (raw material) Gam powder or starch, Borax (sodium hydro oxide). Antifoam is an anti-inflammatory drug that can be used to heat and strengthen the paper (For fixing corrugating sheet paper) uses chemicals