Yhaenu plc

YHAENU PLC was established in 2003 by four visionary businessmen with paid up capital of 1 million birr. In 2013, the capital was raised to 37 million birr. Our head quarter is located in Burayu, Oromia region of Ethiopia. We have two story office building and three warehouses with the storage capacity of up to 150, 000 quintals and cleaning machinery for refining and packing our product items.

We have been exporting different kinds of oil seeds and pulses like sesame seeds (Humeral type, wollega type, reddish), Niger seeds, green mung beans and others for 16 years. We also import different construction machinery including dump and cargo trucks, pick-ups, tires reinforcement bars. The reinforcement bars we import from across the globe are corrosion resistant and strong. They are suitable for Ethiopia’s building construction sector. YHAENU Private limited company is known for its trustworthiness in the international arena.